What are the Cornerstone Mysteries?

It started as a game. Well, in all honesty it started as several Creative Writing exercises. The good people at the Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot were kind enough to let me run Creative Writing courses there. It became clear that Didcot was host to some very talented writers, whose work deserved to be shared, so that brings me here.

Each story collected here was part of a mystery-writing themed course and each was the result of a particular writing exercise. Some of the stories were even based on the same exercise, agreed in the group: true communal storytelling. All we needed was a fire in the middle of the room, but, you know, Health and Safety forbade this.

Many thanks to all the writers credited here, thank you for letting me share.

Special thanks to Frin Wylde, who sourced the images that accompany the stories.

M M Lewis



Photo of M M Lewis by Benjamin F Jones of Bright Rabbit Photography